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We do not work with a fixed package. Each site and destination is actually different. Would you like to be found, for example, especially local? Or your services, products and / or services are national or even international? For each website, we create an individual and a concrete action plan. Only then can we achieve the right result.

Online Link Building Strategy

This is a comprehensive plan that clearly communicates what our plans contain key elements for your campaign. It covers all objectives and planned activities, priorities, results and the time of delivery.

Keyword Search

At, we analyze the estimated search volumes, competitiveness and scope of key keywords. By doing this, we calculate in our own way to get traffic and potential revenue for these keywords. If we are confident that we have chosen the most profitable keywords, we are developing a targeted link-building strategy.

SEO service for Programmers

It is tempting to think that your technical SEO is covered with your programmer, but that is rarely the case. Most programmers know the basics of SEO but do not have the expertise.

We offer comprehensive technical guidelines SEO and also work with your programmer to achieve the best possible results. Do not use a programmer? No problem. We can turn our own experts to get the perfect SEO website form.

link building

An organic mixed natural profile, quantity ‘backlinks, and’ quality ‘backlinks on your site ensure organic growth of backlinks and different positions. Strategic link building is a vital part of a successful SEO campaign. The first thing we do is to do a risk assessment of the existing backlink profile. This makes sure that it is a basic review and links that are not google google whitehat guidelines. Then we do a 0 point measurement, so that you can see clearly what our work has done. We will show pop everywhere your site with a natural growth. We are working and managed to build rankings, traffic and profits. Our link building profiles have a lasting stable character and you do not need to worry if an update from Google.

Running Link Construction

SEO link building is not a one-time activity, nor is that ‘set and forgotten’. It takes many months to reach your goals through strong competitive keywords, the goals are often interim adjusted, and if you do, you always have it SEO job work. The last thing you want is achieved to get back to where you are Before you started. No matter which SEO link-building package you choose, you get detailed, ongoing support. We look closely at your environment and ensure the implementation of SEO-friendly marketing, ongoing link building, risk assessment and monitoring, and detailed monthly reporting. From time to time, we will also discover something new in your market, or Google will customize its algorithm. These changes are opportunities, no complaints. We will recognize them quickly and act immediately. Your competitors.

About SEO Link Building

SEO link building is part of an overall online marketing strategy. Link building and rankings will always be important, but SEO has also evolved and not how it was. SEO link building should look in a broader perspective. With a simple goal: to make your business more profitable. You can think of: design, public relations, transformation, content strategy and advertising. With package you get a professional service from people who take the time to understand your products and services and are always looking for new opportunities in the SEO link building. We act as a strategic partner for your company and work with your marketing and / or programmer contact or several departments to synchronize your marketing activities with the link set-up so that everyone can work on the same goals.

Other SEO services

Technical Exam

Unleash a technical exam on your site, we’ll learn exactly what the inhibitory factors of your organic search, while we advise you improvement opportunities. In every detail, our findings come in a practical step – laid-step report. You can submit to the developer for the implementation.

Migration Audit
Developing a website is a time-consuming task. If we can advise your website should move to a new domain or content management system (CMS). With a migration process, we ensure that no positions are lost or there are unforeseen technical problems. We will analyze the two websites (old and new) before the new website is live. Here we will highlight all the changes that can have a negative impact on the new website and provide concrete recommendations to resolve these issues.

Risk / link-detox
If your site publishes against Google policies whitehat website – intentionally or not – can be punished. They can even be removed from the search results. If you want to limit this risk, we can make a risk assessment of the links at this time of your website. We highlight and if necessary recommend preventative measures if any problems.

Ranking Recovery
Everyone is panicking their placements or falling traffic. No panic! can fix it. We will analyze your website thoroughly to determine the type of drop (manual penalty, update algorithm or technical problem). We will give your advice so that the damage can recover.

Visualization and Reporting
With our service visualization and reporting, we can identify where your traffic comes from, a breakdown of organic search traffic to keep your goal / e-commerce conversion Get your top landing pages, reliable statistics on social media efforts, and overlay regarding Google’s algorithm updates.

Frequently asked Questions

How many sentences can I address?

There are a maximum of keywords or keyword combinations that you can target. However, we will recommend you to a certain number of combinations to give you the best return, taking into account your budget, search volumes and the competitiveness of keywords or keyword combinations.

There are so many SEO companies, why are you better?

We have been working in the SEO industry since 2006. We have handled many successful campaigns for several major brands, as well as start-ups and SMEs. With our experience and sixth sense, we quickly see the possibilities. More importantly, we have the passion for our profession and work hard and take many hours so we can achieve top results.

How do you determine the monthly price?

There is no ‘one-size – fits-all’ approach to SEO. Each company is different, which means that each campaign has a different price. Included in the price – Our packages are based on a specific list of fixed. They are based on time, take hours. If you invest more, we will give you more time and come quickly to good results.

Are there start-up costs?


How long does it take before you start?

We always start with a strategy, an analysis of your company, a technical check on your existing website, keyword research the most profitable searches and competitive research to determine the game field. Our strategy laid down in a document that we outline the plans, including objectives, planned activities, priorities, outcomes and timing. Once you have drawn the strategy, your link building activities are going on within 1-2 weeks.

When can I expect results?

Every company is unique. A niche company with few competitors and high authority website delivers much quick results as a company with a brand new generic area, many competitors and a brand new website. We use advanced, data-driven tools to project campaign results and roadmaps, and our strategy details these expectations, but there are no guarantees.

What exactly are you going to do?

Our work is transparent, secure and in search engine policies. We use white-hat ‘SEO tactics only, based on high quality content, search-friendly website development and real human relationships. Each SEO campaign includes our standard services described above, but there are many more, depending on specific needs.

No lock – in contracts

You want results, no restrictions. We. So can anyone, we work every month. We do not use locks in contracts because we know that we do not need them, you can come and go as you please, without charges or fines. But we are sure you will stay with us.

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